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January 07, 2018

Hi my dear people? 
How are you?
Hope you're having a great day and a great week!

It's time for a new wishlist, girl is always in need for clothes, am I right girls?
Today's wishlist is from amazing site ROSEGAL.
This is the very first site I had a cooperation with and I'm sure it will forever be my favorite site aka my baby.

Rosegal is not a site with just clothes. There is so many different things. If you think of something and wonder where you can find it, believe me you'll find it there.

That's why it's been so hard for me to put just a couple of things on my wishlist.

Faux Fur Ball Dancing Girl Keyring

We all have seen these cute keyrings everywhere. You can put it on your car keys, apartment keys or attach it to your bag. It's just so cute and goes with everything.

Flare Sleeeve Bowknot Lace Dress

I'm sure most of you are surprised to see a dress on my wishlist. We all know how big of a tomboy  I am. It's not even funny anymore. I think it's time for me not to be lady inside, but also outside. LoL
This one is on a huge sale and I was like why not?!

Good Friend Girlfriends Necklace

When I saw this cute necklace I knew that I'm going to order it. It will be so nice to give a present to my friends and we will have something that will remind us of each other.

Off Shoulder A Line Cocktail Vintage Dress

Another very cute dress. Personally I like this one better, but I'm in love with both so don't get me wrong. This one has an amazing color and that's why I put it on my wishlist.

Thank you so much for reading!
Lots of love.

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6 komentari

  1. Divna selekcija stvari, ova plava haljina je prelepa, jako mi se dopada!

    My blog:

  2. Predivne stvari,imamo sličan ukus.Odličan post,pratim tvoj blog,uzvrati ako tti se moj dopada!

  3. Divna wishlista! Ove haljinice izgledaju preslatko! *---*



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