July 26, 2018

We live in a world where people mostly take everything for granted and that's the main reasons a lot of people don't believe in existence of something bigger and better. That something would be God and the other world where we'd go when we die, but people won't except that. 
They rather live each day the same way, they don't realize that life is short and maybe next day or even today is our last day in this world. No one can tell us that we'll wake up tomorrow, maybe today is the last day you can tell someone that you love them, or do something that you wanted to do for a long time. 

Every day is a new opportunity that we should be grateful for. There is so many things awaiting for us, so many places that are waiting to be discovered, so many new people to meet. Sadly, we don't realize this, so we live in a routine and we're afraid to do something new or something that we could be judged for.
 Lots of people live in the past and they're in love with  the memories, but they don't realize that life is passing by and they're missing the best part of it, living it. We only live once, and it's important to live this life the best way we can, be humble and help others in need, discover other parts of the world while traveling and meeting new people. 

We wake up every morning with the opportunity to be better than the day before and we're the ones that decide how we're going to spend it. Whether that day would be like any other or we'll make the best of it, we are those ones that would decide it. Most would say that they're waiting for a New Year so that they could have a fresh start, but they should know that every day is a new opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. 

Don't let your past mistakes define your future, live every day like it's your last, be the best version of yourself and know that today is a day you never seen before and the day you'll never see again, so embrace it.

So guys this is my essay for the final test in high school and I decided to share it with you, now that it's over. I hope that you liked it! :)

Thanks for reading.
Lots of love,